[rc5] Yet Another Mention of Stats ;-)))

root marcus at dfwmm.net
Thu Jun 26 16:26:41 EDT 1997

Fedor Kouranov wrote:
> Well, once everybody is through with screaming, can you people find THE
> most funny buggy address?
> Yours truly, ted99 at ibm.netch.edu.
Heh, I've got some interesting ones:

The real thing:
            marcus at dfwmm.net 

My ISP will be pissed(so will I):
            marcus at dfwmm.netcom 

This isn't legal is it?
            marcus at dfwmm.net.edu 
or this:
            marcus at dfwmm.net.com 

Come chat with me:
            marcus at dfwmm.netirc.org 

For those that don't RTFM:
            marcus at dfwmm.netdu 

Learn about the net:
            marcus at dfwmm.netedu 

For those that are avid:
            marcus at dfwmm.neter.org 

Back to school for more math and physics:
            marcus at dfwmm.nethematik.uni-stuttgart.de 

My ISP has expanded and gone international:
            marcus at dfwmm.net.ca 
            marcus at dfwmm.net.u-strasbg.fr 

My new e-magazine:
            marcus at dfwmm.netfoworld.com 

Has Canada annexed the Netherlands?
            marcus at dfwmm.neth.ca 

Now we have 51 states:
            marcus at dfwmm.netiastate.edu 

Just plain kewl:
            marcus at dfwmm.neto 

I always wanted to be a(n) 'tronaut:
            marcus at dfwmm.netrospace.gatech.edu 

            marcus at dfwmm.netstic.crosslink.net 

Hmmm, is this one for the girls, or for my neck?
            marcus at dfwmm.netties.com 

            marcus at dfwmm.netu 

This is where I craft my European web-pages, or is that the South
            marcus at dfwmm.netudio.com.au
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