[rc5] Won't be Long NOW!!!!! (i think)

Evan Vetere vetere at avara.com
Thu Jun 26 21:15:36 EDT 1997

> GUESS WHAT?? /pub/rc5/v2 is now up on ftp.distributed.net they use MS
> FTP server, but I guess we can forgive them for not using a flavour of
> UN*X (I'm being neutral here, but I'm referring more to FreeBSD or
> Linux, ftp.cdrom.com runs on free, and see how many users it can handle?
> :-) yet, Linux is still pretty cool)

Neutral my butt. You just instigated what could be a major platform war. 
I hope you're happy. :)

I'm off to find statistics backing up FreeBSD...

-Evan Vetere
vetere at ethereal.net

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