[rc5] Won't be Long NOW!!!!! (i think)

Arvin Meyer onsite at esinet.net
Thu Jun 26 21:26:33 EDT 1997

> From: Evan Vetere <vetere at avara.com>
> To: rc5 at llamas.net
> Subject: Re: [rc5] Won't be Long NOW!!!!! (i think)
> Date: Thursday, June 26, 1997 8:15 PM
> Neutral my butt. You just instigated what could be a major platform war. 
> I hope you're happy. :)
> I'm off to find statistics backing up FreeBSD...
> -Evan Vetere
> vetere at ethereal.net

Hey, Platform Wars are fun! Nobody wins! Nobody loses! and Nobody ever
changes anyone's mind!

But we all learn a little more about each other's O/S. 

Arvin Meyer
onsite at esinet.net

We've all heard that a million monkeys banging on a
million typewriters will eventually reproduce the entire
works of Shakespeare. Now, thanks to the Internet,
we know this is not true.
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