[rc5] Platform Wars

Matt Lee mato at tir.com
Thu Jun 26 21:38:24 EDT 1997

At 8:26 PM on 6/26/97, Arvin Meyer wrote:

> Hey, Platform Wars are fun! Nobody wins! Nobody loses! and
> Nobody ever changes anyone's mind!
> But we all learn a little more about each other's O/S.

Oh joy. Lots of fun here. I'll throw in my part gleefully :)

Macs rule. PowerPC processors are better than Pentium processors.
Motorola kicks Intel's ass. Microsoft is evil. Apple is not dead (duh).
We will not be assimilated. You shall not prevail. Join mato at tir.com,
the real Mac team. http://avara.com/rc5

Thank you. I figure this will fan the flames a bit :)


Matt Lee
zebe at avara.com

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