[rc5] Client oddness (v1)

RZG gevaryah at netaxs.com
Thu Jun 26 23:23:04 EDT 1997

I've been running the client since the end of DESCHALL, and tonight noticed
something strange with the results it reported.

got key from outland.hway.net... etc.

[0x115804f0000000 -> 0x115805ffffffff]
        ^                   ^
My keymask was 0x0000000fffffff.

How (or why) did the 4 change to a 5? Is there something with the math I'm
missing? Is it a client bug? Memory corruption caused by linux or hardware
problems? I have no clue. I accidently killed it before it returned the
results to the server, but restarted it and watched it do [0x1159c760000000
-> 0x1159c76fffffff] which looks ok.

Pentium 120, 16mb non parity, linux 1.2.13

gevaryah at netaxs.com

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