[rc5] More about the new clients.

Tero Kilkanen tkilkane at cc.hut.fi
Fri Jun 27 08:22:33 EDT 1997

	There is not any chance to change the priority the client is
running at? If there isn't, I'd like to know what the default
priority/nice levels are on OS/2 and Linux.

	Will there be personal proxies for v2 clients? The 50 block limit
isn't enough for my fastest computer, it processes about 75 blocks / 24H
with the new client. And I have only one connection to the net for sure
daily. I can't use DOD, because I run a BBS too. 

	Is the new client multithreaded, I mean, will it try to deliver
the notifications once in a while to the server? If it doesn't, it's not

	In my configuration, a personal proxy would be the ideal choice. I
don't need an OS/2 version of the personal proxy, because only one of my
machines is running OS/2.

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