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Bill Plein bill at diablo.net
Thu Jun 26 23:42:13 EDT 1997

As long as we're benchmarking the new code....

Pentium Pro overclocked to 233MHz, running NT 4.0

[06/27/97 05:33:35 GMT] Completed block 116B03:10000000 (268435456 keys)
                        499.594 seconds. [537307.21 keys/sec]

I compiled the old v1 client for my DEC Alpha 166 running Linux, and it ran
at about 51,000 keys/sec. I'd love to see the new code ported to Linux on
Alpha (hint hint).


At 10:19 PM 6/26/97 -0600, Mark J. Verdi wrote:
>I'm running the TimC client on my P100. It performs flawlessly. I buffer
>10 blocks of keys and my keyrate is steady at 89-91kk/s. It initiates a
>dialup through RAS+95 whenever it needs one and RAS+ can be set to
>disconnect after 2 minutes.
>Albert Garrido wrote:
>> Question.
>> I have a machine, a Pentium 100, that I've been trying to get the
>> bovine RC5
>> Win32s Client to run on, and it keeps either crashing, or running
>> oddly.  Oddly
>> being that the speed goes up to 81K keys per second and then down to
>> 32K or up
>> and down, and fluctuates.  Unfortunately the machine has to run
>> Windows 95
>> because it's a lab machine, and I can't find another machine that has
>> it's
>> identical configuration to troubleshoot it by.
>> Does it sound like a really nasty flare-up of Windows 95 crap, or
>> something
>> wrong with the hardware specifically.  I checked for the easy stuff
>> like APM
>> power management being turned off, and no fancy screen savers, or any
>> processor
>> hogging programs running in the background (besides the client)
>> Any ideas?
>> [Some Snippage]
>Mark J. Verdi
>mjverdi at apeleon.net
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