[rc5] V2 Clients and Firewalls

David Christensen dchrist at home.com
Fri Jun 27 00:17:02 EDT 1997

Has anyone had any luck with the V2 clients through a firewall.  I have NT 
4.0 running Wingate 2.0 as my gateway and it was a simple matter to set up 
a port relay from all V1 clients to the NT system and then onto 
rc5proxy.distributed.net.  Trying to use the V2 clients in expert mode, I 
set them up to look at the NT system ( which I didn't change ).  The V2 
client indicates that it sees the Bovine Proxy Server ( Build 2072 I think 
) but then reports:

Network::Error 6/0

What does this mean and how can I fix it?

By the way, the client with the problem is a Linux system running the P6 
optimized code ( and getting about 575,000 keys/sec ).

David Christensen

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