[rc5] Sparc5 benchmark

RSA Crack Team rsacrack at rnl.ist.utl.pt
Fri Jun 27 10:29:34 EDT 1997

> wonko at blackhole> ./rc5v2-supersparc -benchmark
> RC5 v2.000 client - a project of distributed.net
> Copyright distributed.net 1997
> Visit http://www.distributed.net/ for more information
> Benchmarking with 10000000 tests:
> Complete in 494.392 seconds. [20226.86 keys/sec]
> wonko at blackhole> rc5 -m
> rc5-56-client: Performance testing with 1000000 crypts
> rc5-56-client: Complete in 24.247 seconds. (41241.59 keys/sec)
I think the problem is other. rc5 runs with nice 0, rc5-v2 automagically
changes it's nice to 20 even in benchmark. Try to run it with another
nice, or renice it.

					Joao Miguel Neves

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