[rc5] OFFICIAL: V2 Clients Are Now Available

Pavel PaJaSoft Janousek pajasoft at io.pinknet.cz
Fri Jun 27 12:06:35 EDT 1997

> * you store the settings in a ini-file. Did you consider that some (a lot of)
>   people run rc5 on multiple machines while having 1 single home-directory
>   mounted over NFS ? In this way you don't allow different clients to have
>   different settings for their machines !

	Yes... - all in one directory is good, but new "enhanced";-) options
in client v2 is .... I like command line options too, why there were
	And I don't want in my batch with nohup see "processing" of cracking
block... - what about some switch?

						PaJaSoft, Pavel Janousek
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