[rc5] OFFICIAL: V2 Clients Are Now Available

Mathieu Guillaume mat at via.ecp.fr
Fri Jun 27 12:21:39 EDT 1997

On Fri, 27 Jun 1997, RC5 Team wrote:
> * you store the settings in a ini-file. Did you consider that some (a lot of)
>   people run rc5 on multiple machines while having 1 single home-directory
>   mounted over NFS ? In this way you don't allow different clients to have
>   different settings for their machines !
I use a simple workaround for this:
Let's say you have your main binary and ini files in your home dir.
You make a rc5v2 subdir, and in it subdirs named after the hostnames.
In those, you put symlinks to your main binary and ini files.
Then you launch the program with a simple script like
cd ~/rc5v2/`hostname`
./rc5v2 > [your redirections here]

That way, if the clients are interrupted, they have different buffer
files. You can also specify different settings by not making a symlink to
the main .ini file.

> * I used the "-n" command line option to run rc5 with the highest nice-level,
>   plus allowing me to run multiple clients on 1 machine while still being
>   able to easily differentiate them !
The v2 client automatically renices itself to the highest level.
As for the multiple client... Hmmm... try to ln -s rc5v2 rc5v2-[0-9], then
your clients will be differentiated in the process listing.

> * I use a watchdog keeping track of the 60 or so clients that I'm running.
>   Your new command-line options mean that I have to make some serious
>   rewrites because it was based on the uniform command-line options for all
>   the clients. Now this is impossible since I will still need v1-clients for
>   our Dec Alpha's.
No answer there :)


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