[rc5] suggestion for command line support

Rae McLellan rae at research.bell-labs.com
Fri Jun 27 10:58:30 EDT 1997

> * you store the settings in a ini-file. Did you consider that some (a lot of)
>   people run rc5 on multiple machines while having 1 single home-directory
>   mounted over NFS ? In this way you don't allow different clients to have
>   different settings for their machines !

I agree!!!  put command line options back.

Further suggestion to assist the tracking of multiple clients on the
same (multiprocessor) system.  How about a command line option that
changes argv[0]?  That way, you can distinguish different client
processes in a ps output.

Also, where has the stats page gone?  I read complaints on this list
about misformatted stat results, but I can't find the query form on
any of the webpages.  I always get:

"Forbidden Error, You're probably looking for search.cgi, search.cgi
 has been disabled until we can repair the stats files."

What's the URL for stats?

		Rae McLellan
		rae at research.bell-labs.com
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