[rc5] Platform Wars

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Fri Jun 27 12:12:17 EDT 1997

Matt Lee wrote:

> At 8:26 PM on 6/26/97, Arvin Meyer wrote:
> > Hey, Platform Wars are fun! Nobody wins! Nobody loses! and
> > Nobody ever changes anyone's mind!
> >
> > But we all learn a little more about each other's O/S.
> Oh joy. Lots of fun here. I'll throw in my part gleefully :)
> Macs rule. PowerPC processors are better than Pentium processors.
> Motorola kicks Intel's ass. Microsoft is evil. Apple is not dead
> (duh).
> We will not be assimilated. You shall not prevail. Join mato at tir.com,
> the real Mac team. http://avara.com/rc5
> Thank you. I figure this will fan the flames a bit :)
> -Zebe
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> Matt Lee
> zebe at avara.com
> http://www.avara.com/~zebe
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   Alright... I enter the fray.  Macs suck.  What good is a super fast
Macintosh if no one is developing software for them?  If they're so
awesome how come most games come out before on PC and about 6 months
later, Macintosh?  Microsoft may be evil, but I like my machine enough.
(CR)Apple's not dead... yet.  The way they're losing money, they will be
soon.  Apple's going to be bought out by Microsoft, and resistance is
futile.  One more thing, if Apple's are so absolutely cool, how come It
takes a top-of-the-line PowerMac to run Linux when a 386 can?  You have
some explaining to do, young man!

BTW, motorola doesn't *make* PPC's, which were, BTW, IBM's idea.  Apple
sucks so much they have to rely on IBM (It's Been Malfunctioning) to do
their processor work!  Thank you, and good night!  Don't forget to tip
your waitress.

P.S. Apple's may have true PnP, but nobody is developing things for Mac
first, not the good companies, anyway.  Mac users: Get a real Computer!

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