[rc5] Yet Another Mention of Stats ;-)))

root marcus at dfwmm.net
Fri Jun 27 11:19:23 EDT 1997

Ben Byer wrote:
> >Obviously:
> >            marcus at dfwmm.netstic.crosslink.net
> So /you're/ the one that's been taking all of my stats! :)

At least some of us have been able to laugh at the situation.
I'm glad that they will be able to repair the stats as our
team lost ~200 blocks in the process. :-(

BTW, I did not consider it theft, as the blocks were credited
to our team freely. ;-) I appreciate your gift!

Another way to look at it, we had a LOT more email teams
participating yesterday than ever before! For some reason,
the keyrate did not jump accordingly. Hmmm I wonder why.
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