[rc5] suggestion for command line support

Caolan McNamara 9312811 at ul.ie
Fri Jun 27 17:55:43 EDT 1997

On 27-Jun-97 root wrote:
>On the linux client it does save state. While figuring out the
>new configuring methods and discovering what is "normal" behavior,
>I sent it a Ctrl-C(I'm watching it in an xterm) and it stopped.
>When I started it back up the status reporting line immediately
>spun right up to where it was(~20% done) and then it carried on
>from there.

where are the v2 proxies saving their state to ?
Im not using the v2 clients as i need to run my machines through a personal 
proxy (skynet.csn.ul.ie) but most of the clients i run are from the same account
on machines that have the user accounts nfs mounted from the same location, the 
point being are the new unix v2 command line clients saving their state to a 
particular file in the dir they're being run in ? if so then it would far better
for them to save the state to /tmp so that each crashing client doesnt overwrite
the previous clients state. This would happen a huge amount to me here as the 
machines used are dual boot linux/nt that are up and down all day.


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