[rc5] Mailing list - I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS CRAP!

Matt J. Gumbley csa49 at keele.ac.uk
Fri Jun 27 18:11:28 EDT 1997

Folks, you simply have to get the mailing list sorted out NOW.

This platform wars rubbish. People answering "me too", etc.

Just take a look at the crap that is being generated on this list. I don't
have all day to answer email, or even to delete it. It takes, say, two
seconds to scan each email, and decide what to do with it... THIS ADDS UP!
This mailing list carries a VAST amount of traffic.

Yes, I want to discuss the technical sides of the project, yes I want to
talk about the social consequences of strong cryptography, yes, I want to
have official updates from the team organisers.

I don't want to know that the stats pages are broken. huh, so they're
broken. Big deal. Just get off the developer's backs, and let them get on
with fixing it.

I don't want to know that Team XYZ has just joined, and our web page is
here... no, it's here... etc.

PLEASE. Take the mailto:rc5 at llamas.net OFF the web pages. People obviously
don't realise that their two-liners explode around the planet like this...

Some people (like me) have a job to do. I want to follow what's happening
with RC5, but it's taking too much of my day. If this isn't sorted SOON,
I'll be unsubscribing. The RC5 client is slightly draining the power of my
PC, but this mailing list is draining my work-day, and that's not on.

As for platform wars, well, all computers are instances of Universal Turing
Machines, so they're all equal. End of argument. :-) Followups to /dev/null


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