[rc5] Platform Wars [ My turn :) ]

Arvin Meyer onsite at esinet.net
Fri Jun 27 13:44:09 EDT 1997

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> Date: Friday, June 27, 1997 12:12 PM

> Apple's going to be bought out by Microsoft, and resistance is
> futile.

Not likely, Microsoft only invests in technology with a future and almost
never invests in hardware. I think Nintendo will probably buy Apple. <ROFL>

> P.S. Apple's may have true PnP, but nobody is developing things for Mac
> first, not the good companies, anyway. 

Really! What good is PnP if there's not much to plug! What little there is
is way overpriced.

> Bullshit.  I have heard from everyone running Unix that it never
> crashes, has better speeds, and has many uses.

Another myth ... Unix is stable, but when you start adding X-Windows, and
all the functionality of a truely diverse O/S like OS2 or NT, it starts
crashing too. Remember! No matter how stable a kernel is, it is the
productivity software and hardware in daily use that ultimately decides

Fault tolerant systems engineering, determines system reliability. I've
heard of NT systems (YES that's right folks NT!) that have been down less
than 5 minutes in the last 10 months, and the only users (out of over 200)
that even noticed were the ones connected to SQL-Server, none of whom lost
any data, but had to reconnect, and rerun the procedure.

Buy quality hardware and software, and get a good engineer, who really
knows how to design a system. Then it really doesn't matter if you use
Unix, NT, or even the soon to be defunct Apple.

And the fun goes on!!!

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