[rc5] OT: Platform Wars

Fedor Kouranov ted99 at ibm.net
Fri Jun 27 13:57:15 EDT 1997

Sorry for wasting the bandwith... this is the last time, honest!

On 06/27/97 bennett_t1 at popmail.firn.edu said:

>> Unix = usless crap.

>Bullshit.  I have heard from everyone running Unix that it never crashes,
>has better speeds, and has many uses.

Well, I'm not frightened of command line, but unix is absolutely unfriendly
system. I don't want to learn (and to actually type) dozens of commands.
>From the interface point of view, Unix is useless. It's stability and speed
come from the fact that it's primitive.

Don't even mention X. This kludge effectively makes unix unstable, slow,
and it's still useless.

>> OS/2 rulezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>I hate to break you the bad news, but , for anything other than business,
>and running Windows 3.1 software: OS/2 IS DEAD!!!!  IBM had to buy Lotus
>just to have SOFTWARE for OS/2!  Although I heard it was stable, but
>still, if it's so good, how come no one besides IBM is making software for
>it?  Get a clue.  As doctor McCoy would say"It's dead Jim."

Huh? How about Softouch, Stardock, Watcom, Knightware, Adobe, and, yeah,
Netscape? How about Gbytes of freebies on hobbes? How about
nearly-transparent use of Win3.1 and DOS? How about nearly painless porting
of Unix stuff? The problem here is that people think that the only software
company on the planet is M$. There is a whole lot of stuff available here.
Also, OS/2 (with OD and NPSWPS) has *the* most advanced GUI in the world.
And the development efforts have not ceased.

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