[rc5] OT: Platform Wars

Josh Goins joshg at newwave.net
Fri Jun 27 14:19:05 EDT 1997

Fedor Kouranov wrote:

> Sorry for wasting the bandwith... this is the last time, honest!
> On 06/27/97 bennett_t1 at popmail.firn.edu said:
> >> Unix = usless crap.
> >Bullshit.  I have heard from everyone running Unix that it never
> crashes,
> >has better speeds, and has many uses.
> Well, I'm not frightened of command line, but unix is absolutely
> unfriendly
> system. I don't want to learn (and to actually type) dozens of
> commands.
> >From the interface point of view, Unix is useless. It's stability and
> speed
> come from the fact that it's primitive.

Wait just a second, I'm 15 and I use Linux.  In fact I installed it and
set it up on my system, so don't give me this crap.

> Don't even mention X. This kludge effectively makes unix unstable,
> slow,
> and it's still useless.

Or this.

> >> OS/2 rulezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> >I hate to break you the bad news, but , for anything other than
> business,
> >and running Windows 3.1 software: OS/2 IS DEAD!!!!  IBM had to buy
> Lotus
> >just to have SOFTWARE for OS/2!  Although I heard it was stable, but
> >still, if it's so good, how come no one besides IBM is making
> software for
> >it?  Get a clue.  As doctor McCoy would say"It's dead Jim."
> Huh? How about Softouch, Stardock, Watcom, Knightware, Adobe, and,
> yeah,
> Netscape? How about Gbytes of freebies on hobbes? How about
> nearly-transparent use of Win3.1 and DOS? How about nearly painless
> porting
> of Unix stuff? The problem here is that people think that the only
> software
> company on the planet is M$. There is a whole lot of stuff available
> here.
> Also, OS/2 (with OD and NPSWPS) has *the* most advanced GUI in the
> world.
> And the development efforts have not ceased.

So, you use your OS, and let me use mine, I have no problems with OS/2,
Macs, or anything else, why can't we just leave each other alone and
quit wasting bandwidth with this.

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