[rc5] Platform Wars

TC Lai tclai at ucla.edu
Fri Jun 27 11:46:09 EDT 1997


>P.S. Apple's may have true PnP, but nobody is developing things for Mac
>first, not the good companies, anyway.  Mac users: Get a real Computer!

Not to make any more noise on this list, but these comments are really
insulting.  I'm tempted to take my machines off of RC5-56 and put them to
work on something else.

Bovine has requested help several times from Guy Kawasaki's Mac Evangelist,
and this seems like a poor thanks to the RC5 people who are optimizing the
PPC/Mac clients, and to the administrators and users who have generously
donated their spare 680x0 and PPC cycles.  We joined RC5 to work
cooperatively, not to be insulted.

I refuse to clutter the list with any more platform-chauvinist nonsense -
and would heartily recommend that somebody PLEASE set-up an announce list.


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