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>Subject: Re: [rc5] Platform Wars
>Matt Lee wrote:
>> At 8:26 PM on 6/26/97, Arvin Meyer wrote:
>> > Hey, Platform Wars are fun! Nobody wins! Nobody loses! and
>> > Nobody ever changes anyone's mind!
>> >
>> > But we all learn a little more about each other's O/S.
>> Oh joy. Lots of fun here. I'll throw in my part gleefully :)
>> Macs rule. PowerPC processors are better than Pentium processors.
>> Motorola kicks Intel's ass. Microsoft is evil. Apple is not dead
>> (duh).
>> We will not be assimilated. You shall not prevail. Join mato at tir.com,
>> the real Mac team. http://avara.com/rc5
>> Thank you. I figure this will fan the flames a bit :)
>> -Zebe
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>   Alright... I enter the fray.  Macs suck.  What good is a super fast
>Macintosh if no one is developing software for them?

None at all - it's a good job everyone *is* developing software for Macs,
isn't it?

>If they're so
>awesome how come most games come out before on PC and about 6 months
>later, Macintosh?

Because Mac users have lives, and don't have much interest in spending
their every spare moment bashing the keyboard when they could, for example,
be enjoying a few beers in the pub with some friends, a weekend walking the
hills, or rampant sex with another person.  All activities beyond the reach
of the average PC games player.

>Microsoft may be evil, but I like my machine enough.
>(CR)Apple's not dead... yet.  The way they're losing money, they will be
>soon.  Apple's going to be bought out by Microsoft, and resistance is

Ah!  Ignoring the fact that Apple's income is vastly greater than
Microsoft's and that if MS *did* buy out Apple, it would immediately be
shredded by US anti-trust legislation?  MS is Apple's best insurance
against backruptcy.

>One more thing, if Apple's are so absolutely cool, how come It
>takes a top-of-the-line PowerMac to run Linux when a 386 can?  You have
>some explaining to do, young man!

Easy: the modern Mac architectures are better documented than the older
ones, and it's a lot of bother to get the OS working on the NuBus machines
as well because they're so different.

If PCs are so absolutely cool, how come I can use a top-rate GUI on my
original Mac 512Ke?  Do you think you could run Windows of any flavour on
the original IBM PC?

>BTW, motorola doesn't *make* PPC's, which were, BTW, IBM's idea.

Actually, PPCs were the idea of Apple, IBM, and Motorola together.  If you
think Motorola doesn't make them, I suggest you visit http://www.mot.com/
and think again.  (internal architecture based on IBM's RS/6000 stuff;
external interfacing based on Motorola's 88000(?) stuff, with hints on how
to get it to work from the other firm).  Motorola, by the way, is a *much*
bigger firm than Intel however you measure it.

>sucks so much they have to rely on IBM (It's Been Malfunctioning) to do
>their processor work!

Which explains why ARM (owned by Apple, VLSI, and Acorn) is making the
166MHz processors in the new Newton.  That's right - 166MHz in your palm,
with batteries that last for *weeks*.

>Thank you, and good night!  Don't forget to tip
>your waitress.
>P.S. Apple's may have true PnP, but nobody is developing things for Mac
>first, not the good companies, anyway.

What's a good company then?  Adobe?  Microsoft?  Corel?  They all seem to
be developing Mac software.

> Mac users: Get a real Computer!

I have - I've got a ZX81 and a BBC Micro as well.


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