[rc5] V2 Speed Probs on x86?

root marcus at dfwmm.net
Fri Jun 27 15:12:52 EDT 1997

Milton Forte II wrote:
Inserted from previous message from  Sean McPherson <sean at ntr.net>
> P133, Linux 2.0.30, 80 MB Ram, Running X, web server, shell, netscape, etc
> rc5-56-client: Processed 122393.18 keys per second.
> New:
> [06/27/97 18:25:33 GMT] Completed block 11B785:F0000000 (268435456 keys)
>                         1707.790 seconds. [157182.95 keys/sec]
> Not bad, 35k keys more / second!
End insertion from Sean
>From Milton:
> No, on my IBM/Cyrix PR166+, I getting 247,000keys/sec vs 163,000 on V1.
So am I running linux/x/shells/etc. really lightly loaded.
This is amazing. I thought that the pr166+ which runs at 133Mhz,
was supposed to be "comparable" to a p166 with shortcomings in
the fpu, but I did not know that the integer unit was this much

Anybody have any pr200+ or perhaps K6 numbers?
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