V1 vs. V2 and source availiabllity (Was: [rc5] Benchmarks (V2))

Michael Graff explorer at flame.org
Fri Jun 27 16:45:04 EDT 1997

Sean McPherson <sean at ntr.net> writes:

>1707.790 seconds. [157182.95 keys/sec]

> Not bad, 35k keys more / second!

Well, I took the source for the v1 clients, the assembly code for the
i486/p5 presented elsewhere, and made a v1 client that will do 180k/sec
on my p166.

I've only compiled this for the NetBSD/i386 port so far, but I do plan
on hacking up some Alpha code Real Soon Now that will hopefully speed
up the Alpha as well.

Oh, and btw...  I'm using a Perl script to generate the assembly source
now, since some OS's (or object formats) append underscores and
others do not.  Also, it will compile with really old gnu assemblers
(i.e, no .macro stuff) and will build on any i486 I have access to.

If there is enough interest in forming a v1 client hacking group, perhaps
we should just do that.  I know I cannot do without the source and still
participate in this group.  Since it was made clear that the v2 source
will never be released, perhaps it is time to form a group to continue
keeping the v1 speed up.

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