[rc5] Mailing list - I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS CRAP!

bennett_t1 at popmail.firn.edu bennett_t1 at popmail.firn.edu
Fri Jun 27 18:07:38 EDT 1997

Matt J. Gumbley wrote:

> Folks, you simply have to get the mailing list sorted out NOW.
> This platform wars rubbish. People answering "me too", etc.

Me tooing sucks, but hey, platform wars are fun.

> Just take a look at the crap that is being generated on this list. I
> don't
> have all day to answer email, or even to delete it. It takes, say, two
> seconds to scan each email, and decide what to do with it... THIS ADDS
> UP!
> This mailing list carries a VAST amount of traffic.

Use filters.  That's a big DUUUUUHHHH right there.  If the header sounds
dumb, delete the mail.  I get up too 200 mails a day.  If the headers i
not pertaining to my computer, or not interesting, i delete the mail.

> Yes, I want to discuss the technical sides of the project, yes I want
> to
> talk about the social consequences of strong cryptography, yes, I want
> to
> have official updates from the team organisers.
> I don't want to know that the stats pages are broken. huh, so they're
> broken. Big deal. Just get off the developer's backs, and let them get
> on
> with fixing it.


> I don't want to know that Team XYZ has just joined, and our web page
> is
> here... no, it's here... etc.


> PLEASE. Take the mailto:rc5 at llamas.net OFF the web pages. People
> obviously
> don't realise that their two-liners explode around the planet like
> this...
> Some people (like me) have a job to do. I want to follow what's
> happening
> with RC5, but it's taking too much of my day. If this isn't sorted
> I'll be unsubscribing. The RC5 client is slightly draining the power
> of my
> PC, but this mailing list is draining my work-day, and that's not on.
> As for platform wars, well, all computers are instances of Universal
> Turing
> Machines, so they're all equal. End of argument. :-) Followups to
> /dev/null
> Matt
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