[rc5] V2 Sparc Clients

root marcus at dfwmm.net
Fri Jun 27 17:30:08 EDT 1997

Brian Hechinger wrote:
> this sounds exactly like our firewall, for netscape (as an example)
> you set the name of the proxy server and the port and you cen get
> through.  is there a way to get the v1 or v2 clients to go through
> one of these??
Here's what we did at the office(realize this is all v1
 stuff as of now):

On a w95 machine, we installed the SOCKSCap software from NEC.
Setup the personal proxy to run "socksified" with that tool.
Then set all of the clients, including the one on the proxy box,
to point to the personal proxy machine and let it handle all of
the inter-network communication. The "local" clients do all of
their talking on one side of the firewall so they don't have
any problems.

Sad thing is, we're SOL as far as v2 clients go. Unless the crew
does intend to release a v2 compatible proxy. I hope that they
will considering how much of a performance improvement is to be
had(on the intel machines only, a 50% boost would put us up to
2-2.5Mkeys/sec or so - depending on time of day).

Until the per-proxy came out we only had a couple of machines
running since we had to install the SOCKSCap and configure every
one. It was just a pain to explain what all we wanted to do to
each user and instruct them on how to use it. Plus, there was
no way to monitor the machines without going and looking at each
one personally.

After the PP was released, things got much easier. Just install
the TimC hidden client and ask the users to disable the screen
savers and instead of logging off, lock it and leave the machine
running. Now we churn 1.3-1.8Mkeys/sec with no supervision at all.
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