[rc5] Platform Wars

Michael Graff explorer at flame.org
Fri Jun 27 19:04:37 EDT 1997

bennett_t1 at popmail.firn.edu writes:

> > PLEASE stop this.
> No.  More specifically, no, you Censerous malcontent.


> > Who _cares_ if you think Mac's suck or not.  Who cares if you like
> > them?
> I care, asshole.  If you don't like it, deal with it.  Quite frankly,
> who cares about your whining about platform wars?

Um, perhaps because this list isn't called "I-have-a-bigger-CPU-than-you"
but "rc5"?

Let's stay on topic.  If you want to start a mailing list for
platform wars, sure.  But this is a list about rc5, not about
who's cpu (or whatever) is bigger.

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