[rc5] V2 Sparc Clients

Brian Hechinger wonko at blackhole.arkham.net
Fri Jun 27 19:09:21 EDT 1997

root drunkenly mumbled...
> Here's what we did at the office(realize this is all v1
>  stuff as of now):

yea, v1 runs faster on the sparc machines anyway, so it's no big deal.

> On a w95 machine, we installed the SOCKSCap software from NEC.

no w95 here, just Solaris/sparc.  

> Setup the personal proxy to run "socksified" with that tool.
> Then set all of the clients, including the one on the proxy box,
> to point to the personal proxy machine and let it handle all of
> the inter-network communication. The "local" clients do all of
> their talking on one side of the firewall so they don't have
> any problems.

ok, that is setup.  the clients will talk to the local proxy server.  however
i now need to get the proxy server to talk to the keyserver (which is on the
other side of the firewall)

> Sad thing is, we're SOL as far as v2 clients go. Unless the crew
> does intend to release a v2 compatible proxy. I hope that they
> will considering how much of a performance improvement is to be
> had(on the intel machines only, a 50% boost would put us up to
> 2-2.5Mkeys/sec or so - depending on time of day).

until they get me the source for v2 so i can optimize the sparc stuff staying
with v1 is going to happen.

ok, got the PP up and running, here is the .ini:

ipaddress=      ;address of keyserver  (i can't do DNS lookup of
						     outside machines)
port=23               ;port on keyserver to talk into
workperiod=30           ;minimum seconds between network accesses
threshold=5            ;minimum streaming block size (number of keyblocks)
ipaddress=              ;local IP to bind to (or leave blank for all)
port=2056               ;local port to listen to
timeout=5               ;timeout for dead incoming connection
backlog=5               ;incoming TCP connection backlog
minkeysready=10         ;proxy will try to maintain this minimum
maxkeysready=30         ;proxy won't fetch more keys than this value
logfile=/tmp/proxy.log   ;filename to log messages to (or blank for none)

here is the output of the PP:

6/27/97 21:50:54--The Bovine Personal UNIX Proxy (Build 135)
6/27/97 21:50:54--Using './proxyper-supersparc.ini' for configuration.
6/27/97 21:50:54--Now using '/tmp/proxy.log' for file logging.
6/27/97 21:50:54--Listening on all local IP addresses.
6/27/97 21:50:54--The personal proxy will listen to local port 2056
6/27/97 21:50:54--Using TCP connection backlog of 5
6/27/97 21:50:54--ready=0  notify=0  uptime=Long  avgrate=0.0 Mkeys/sec
6/27/97 21:50:55--Now using keyserver (
6/27/97 21:54:34--Connection to server ( failed.
6/27/97 21:54:34--Client at requesting key block.
6/27/97 21:54:34--No key blocks available to serve client.
6/27/97 21:54:59--shutting down server
6/27/97 21:54:59--All queued notifications sent to keyserver.

started up the client (that's what caused the client request stuff)

i still can't get throught the firewall, even with the PP, how do i need to
setup the PP to get through the firewall??  i need to give it the address
and port of the firewall proxy server to the rc5 PP.  how do i do that?



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