[rc5] block buffering question

Mathieu Guillaume mat at via.ecp.fr
Sat Jun 28 01:12:25 EDT 1997

On Fri, 27 Jun 1997, Steve Trottier wrote:
> Apparently it eventually retrieved the five new blocks successfully and
> began processing them, but there is no mention of the five blocks it had
> finished being reported.  Each time before this time I noticed that there
> was a line saying that five finished blocks had been sent to the server, but
> this time there was an error "Network::Error 23/0" and there is no mention
> of the blocks being sent to the server.
> So, was that work lost?  Will it remain unconfirmed?  Or did they actually
> get reported but not displayed on the output?

If the client failed to report the blocks, it will try to send them with
the other blocks the next time it reports. The blocks were not forgotten.


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