[rc5] V2 Sparc Clients

root marcus at dfwmm.net
Fri Jun 27 19:00:19 EDT 1997

Brian Hechinger wrote:
> root drunkenly mumbled...
> >
> > On a w95 machine, we installed the SOCKSCap software from NEC.
> no w95 here, just Solaris/sparc.

I almost suggested that you go get an old 486 notebook, or some
other idle box that can support w95 and hook it into your net,
but sanity prevailed...
> ok, that is setup.  the clients will talk to the local proxy server.  however
> i now need to get the proxy server to talk to the keyserver (which is on the
> other side of the firewall)

I assume that the firewall is of SOCKS4/5 form?
What data does get through the firewall. Can you surf?
> until they get me the source for v2 so i can optimize the sparc stuff staying
> with v1 is going to happen.
> ok, got the PP up and running, here is the .ini:

It all looks ok.

> here is the output of the PP:
> 6/27/97 21:50:54--The Bovine Personal UNIX Proxy (Build 135)
> 6/27/97 21:50:54--Using './proxyper-supersparc.ini' for configuration.
> 6/27/97 21:50:54--Now using '/tmp/proxy.log' for file logging.
> 6/27/97 21:50:54--Listening on all local IP addresses.
> 6/27/97 21:50:54--The personal proxy will listen to local port 2056
> 6/27/97 21:50:54--Using TCP connection backlog of 5
> 6/27/97 21:50:54--ready=0  notify=0  uptime=Long  avgrate=0.0 Mkeys/sec
> 6/27/97 21:50:55--Now using keyserver (
> 6/27/97 21:54:34--Connection to server ( failed.

Looks fine up to here and the failure is what I would expect if the
firewall is rejecting connections that don't meet spec.

> 6/27/97 21:54:34--Client at requesting key block.
> 6/27/97 21:54:34--No key blocks available to serve client.
> ^C
> 6/27/97 21:54:59--shutting down server
> 6/27/97 21:54:59--All queued notifications sent to keyserver.

This is "normal" behavior.

> i still can't get throught the firewall, even with the PP, how do i need to
> setup the PP to get through the firewall??  i need to give it the address
> and port of the firewall proxy server to the rc5 PP.  how do i do that?

Realize that the SOCKSCap software is the key, or was for us.
It is configured to talk to and thus through the firewall. It
intercepts your packets(from the PP or client) and then
retransmits them in a manner that the firewall will accept.
If your firewall is of SOCKSx form, then the configuration of
the SOCKSCap stuff will be identical to the proxy/firewall
config of any other app that can get through, say netscape for instance.

The PP just made it possible to _not_ configure everyone to
penetrate the firewall. We just set up two PPs(in case one
had to go down for one reason or another) and ran. The setup
that you showed for the PP looks fine. I'd leave it be until
you can find a way to get through your firewall with _any_ of
the rc5 software. If you can make a client get through. Then
you can make the PP get through too. If you IS folk are
friendly(big if in my experience), you might talk them into
opening port 2056 to free traffic. This might be your best
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