[rc5] v2 clients not reporting saved work?

Howard Cheng hcheng at cs.ualberta.ca
Fri Jun 27 18:56:52 EDT 1997


  I have noticed that in both the linux P5 and the Win 32 client, if
I interrupt the client in the middle of a block and resume it later on,
the first block that the resumed client finished does not get reported
back to the server (or at least it doesn't say so in the log).  Here
is what it says on the Win 95 client.  The linux client is similar:

The proxy says: "Bovine Proxy KeyServer (Build 2070)"
[06/27/97 22:01:56 GMT] Sent 2 block(s) to server
[06/27/97 22:01:56 GMT] Block: 3B4760:40000000 being processed
[06/27/97 22:20:40 GMT] Shutdown message received - Block being saved.

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[06/27/97 22:22:20 GMT] Block: 3B4760:40000000 being processed
[06/27/97 22:27:09 GMT] Completed block 3B4760:40000000 (268435456 keys)
                        289.594 seconds. [926937.22 keys/sec]
The proxy says: "Bovine Proxy KeyServer (Build 2070)"
[06/27/97 22:27:15 GMT] Retrieved 5 block(s) from server
[06/27/97 22:27:15 GMT] Block: 11C8BC:B0000000 being processed

It doesn't say that it has sent the block that I worked on.

Also, I have noticed that I have encountered a lot of network errors
in the linux client, and it actually core dumped once.  I don't know
what happened, because I was away and the log file did not show
anything other than the network errors (which were "normal" as they
show up so often).

Interestingly enough, the Win 95 client does not experience these
network errors, even though the Internet connection is the same,
physically connected to the linux box (Win 95 client uses IP
Masquerading).  Btw, I have a permanent connection, so it has nothing
to do with dial-ups.


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