[rc5] v2 clients not reporting saved work?

Howard Cheng hcheng at cs.ualberta.ca
Fri Jun 27 21:57:07 EDT 1997

Stephen Reid wrote:
> regardless of what the log says, I saw it report a saved block after I had stopped it earlier today.

After letting the client run for a while, I found out that the report
operation does not necessarily occur immediately before the retrieve
operation.  Here is what happened:

- client resumed, worked on 1 saved, unreported block
- client asked for 5 blocks from server.
- after 4 of the new blocks are done, client reports 5 blocks.
- after the remaining block is done, client asked for 5 blocks again.

and it goes on like this.

So it seems that everything is well.  I just thought that it would
report back some results before getting another bunch.


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