[rc5] More about the new clients.

Oscar Chang oscarc at divideby0.com
Fri Jun 27 21:48:22 EDT 1997

On Fri, 27 Jun 97 08:56:58 -0400, Skip Huffman wrote:

>It would be nice if you could set it so that when a block is completed the system tries to send it, if it fails it stores it, then tries to refill its block storage, then runs the top block it has available.

  I was thinking about that yes. But it'll be awhile before the PM client
comes along.

>I don't think I am being all that clear.  What I would like to handle is the intermittently connected system.  Picture this:

  No I understand, :) Basically what TimC's win32 client does.

>Even more elegant would be to spin off a separate thread whenever keyserver communication is needed that checks every minute or so until it can send all cooked blocks and receive all needed raw blocks.

  That's what I had in mind too. :)

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