[rc5] More about the new clients.

Oscar Chang oscarc at divideby0.com
Fri Jun 27 23:06:47 EDT 1997

On Fri, 27 Jun 1997 15:25:57 -0700, Rene Kint wrote:

>NO, please NO!!!
>I run a Dial on Demand system (a REAL one, where the dialer dials out if
>a TCP/IP packet is sent out), and this scheme would AGAIN mean that my
>system will dial out after EVERY block instead of the 50 blocks....!!!
>My phonebill would go skyrocket again..

  Don't worry, if that's ever implimented it would be configurable on the
fly. :) I know since I use a DOD type setup myself, that rogue tcpip
packet that you didn't expect would cause In-joy to dial in. :)

oscarc at divideby0.com
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