[rc5] Congrats for v2 -benchmarking

Dewey Paciaffi dewey at cybercomm.net
Sat Jun 28 10:33:12 EDT 1997

> > 
> >         Congrats for rc5v2 (linux/166mhz p5), it's running pretty fast in
> > my machine.. It's processing blocks at 190kkeys/sec with nice 20! v1 was
> > running with 140kkeys/sec with nice -20.. :)
> On a Cyrix 6x86 PR166+ the linux for p5 client churns 256K+/sec
> when the machine is idle. It seems just a hair faster than the
> P6 version.

On my AMD K5 PR133 (100Mhz) the Linux V1 client was cranking out
164Kkeys/sec when the machine was idle. The V2 client is now
pushing out 298Kkeys/sec. Not bad for a 100Mhz chip, eh?

Dewey Paciaffi
dewey at cybercomm.net
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