[rc5] v2 win95 questions

marcus at dfwmm.net marcus at dfwmm.net
Sat Jun 28 13:47:05 EDT 1997

Michael R. McClelland wrote:
> I'm running version 2 for win95 and have been doing around 20 blocks at a
> time to reduce connection time(dial-up). I can't tell how far along I am in
> the set of twenty blocks. The console view no longer says 15 of 20 etc. I'm
> Are there more command line switches than those listed in the FAQ for
> version 2? Any suggestions would be
>  much appreciated.

The easiest way that I see to do this is to simply buffer more than you
need. Have it grab 50 and go to work. When you get a chance to go
interrupt it and run the rc5v2 -flush, then the rc5v2 -fetch, then
and let it go. It's not as convenient as the v1 TimC client with single
keystrokes to do this(r, x, etc.), but it works.

Don't worry about lost work due to the interruption, as the state is
and it will resume where it left off(when it gets back to that block).
if it's 50% through block 17 when you interrupt, flush, fetch, you won't
see it start up at 50% because it's working on block 1. When it get's
all the
way through to block 17 again, you'll see it start at 50%. At least
the way that the linux client seems to behave.
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