[rc5] v2 client fast but crappy

Robert A. Hayden hayden at krypton.mankato.msus.edu
Sat Jun 28 14:40:09 EDT 1997


It's nice now cracking 220k keys/sec on my 200MMX over the 170k I was
getting before, but there are some real problems with this v2 client in
terms of features:

I have it set up to get 50 keys so I can start it when I go to work or
when I go to bed.  However, it doesn't send complete keys "on the fly" 
until all 50 are finished.  This sucks if you check 45 keys while online
and then hang up, after that 5, the client is done until you reconnect. 
Also, when the 50 keys are done, it just sits there trying to connect, it
could at least generate some random keys so it's not wasting idle CPU
doing nothing. 

It's very nice to be faster and to be able to save keys mid-block and
such, but this client is not very helpful for people without static or
short-term regular connections.

What needs to happen is that the client connect after "user-defined"
number of blocks and uploads the done ones, refreshes the 50-key pool and
then is done.  Basicly always trying to key 50 uncheck keys in the pool. 
If all 50 keys are completed and it can't connect, it needs to generate
random ones until a connect is made, then upload all the done ones and
download a fresh new batch.

As near as I can tell, I've missed a chance at a couple hundred blocks
because I have exhausted my 50-key pool while at work or asleep and

Version: 2.6.2
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