[rc5] rc5stat.pl - Client Logfile Parser

Evan Vetere vetere at avara.com
Sat Jun 28 16:28:27 EDT 1997

Here I go, updating my utility for parsing your output file.

New in 2.0:
  - Saner UI (how hard is it to write a command-line perl script anyway, vetere?)
  - Uptime report generated
  - Works with v2 and hybrid logs
  - Exits gracefully when pointed at a non-log file
  - Slightly faster
  - Makes waffles

Sample output:
Processed 6009 blocks (avg 13 min/block)
Keys completed: 1617055186944 (avg 363641 keys/sec)
Idle 23h23m

This little gem is available for -free- (for a limited time only!) at

-Evan Vetere
vetere at ethereal.net

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