[rc5] v2 client fast but crappy

Honza Pazdziora adelton at informatics.muni.cz
Sun Jun 29 10:26:20 EDT 1997

> >I have it set up to get 50 keys so I can start it when I go to work or
> >when I go to bed.  However, it doesn't send complete keys "on the fly"
> >until all 50 are finished.  This sucks if you check 45 keys while online
> >and then hang up, after that 5, the client is done until you reconnect.
> >Also, when the 50 keys are done, it just sits there trying to connect, it
> >could at least generate some random keys so it's not wasting idle CPU
> >doing nothing.
> rc5v2 -flush
> rc5v2 -fetch
> this will send all tested blocks, and fill the buffer..

Unfortunately, in the docs there is no mention about where the status
is saved. I have 80 machines (Un*ces and Windoze), most Un*ces are
mounting the directory via NFS.

Why not add feature similar to that in Apache: instead of saying how
much blocks it should download, tell the client how much spare blocks
it should keep. I have a permanent net connection but sometimes the
clients just fill the log with Network Errors. If I could specify to
always try to have let's say 2 more blocks, they could overcome some
60 minutes without sitting idle.

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