[rc5] New OS2/Win32 Clients

Oscar Chang oscarc at divideby0.com
Sun Jun 29 04:43:38 EDT 1997

  Well, my bad. :)
  I take it all back about not having two versions of the client for Win32
and OS/2. :)
  It seems they had problems compiling the P5 object file. Oh well. :) But
they're fixed now.

  The new clients can be found on rc5.distributed.net under v2 clients.

  If you have a p6, don't worry about it, you have the fastest binary for
your computer.
  However if your running a regular Pentium, I would suggest getting the
new clients. They do run faster for your CPU. For instance, my P133 used
to do 148743.12 keys/sec under the benchmark. Now it does 157952.93
  For you OS/2 users out there, get the new zip's anyway. I added a REXX
script and the offical Bovine Icon :)
  It will create a program object on your desktop and it looks cool! :)

oscarc at divideby0.com
You won't be undefined when you Divide By Zero.

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