[rc5] Code portability suggestion

Amos Shapira amos at gezernet.co.il
Sun Jun 29 19:20:48 EDT 1997


I'd like to suggest the developers to consider using the ACE C++ package
(http://siesta.cs.wustl.edu/~schmidt/ACE.html) for portability.

This package will give you, among other things, PORTABLE, OOP-based
solutions to:

* multi-threading, multi-processing

* inter-process-communication (IPC) both on the same machine (using
  Win32 named pipes and UNIX domain sockets, for instance) and across
  the network (IP over Sockets or TLI).

* dynamic loading and unloading of code, including on-the-fly configuration

* inter-process and inter-thread locks (recursive, non-recursive,
  read/write locks, etc..)

* memory mapping of files

All this and more is available with a portable, C++ interface which
allows you to write programs for many kinds of UNIX as well as for
Win32 and other, wierder, platforms.

I'd be glad to help you start using ACE.  I'm not a newbie to ACE but
have yet to learn about it, but still I feel I can provide you with
some simple code examples (there are tons of more complex examples
coming with the source, but I have simpler examples which I work with
in my current project at work) and advice.



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