[rc5] New OS2/Win32 Clients

Mike Silbersack silby at execpc.com
Sun Jun 29 14:51:27 EDT 1997

> >----------
> >>   If you have a p6, don't worry about it, you have the fastest binary
> >> your computer.
> >>   However if your running a regular Pentium, I would suggest getting
> >> new clients. They do run faster for your CPU. For instance, my P133
> >> to do 148743.12 keys/sec under the benchmark. Now it does 157952.93
> >> keys/sec!
> >
> >Heh... with TimC's client, my 486/160 used to get 110000 keys/sec or so;
> >with the rc5v2 client, it gets 140819 keys/sec - from this benchmark, it
> >almost looks to me like the Pentium isn't even using both pipelines
> >running the client...
> I tried the new P5 client on my Cyrix P150+ and I get 215,311 with the P6

> client and 214,812 with the new P5 client.  Not much difference...  Still

> faster than Intel P150 but slower than a K5 150 AFAIK.
> --Ron

Since I'll be buying one in a few weeks, I'd like to see how a K6 benches
in keys/second - does anyone here have one?

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