[rc5] -benchmarks

root marcus at dfwmm.net
Sun Jun 29 15:36:00 EDT 1997

Ok, everybody these notes are getting scattered all over
the place. Please send me:

	marcus at dfwmm.net

a snapshot of your -benchmark or -m output or a slice of a
log file along with a brief description of your system(s).
I'll pile them all together and post them to the list. For
a start, here're mine:

Cyrix 6x86 PR166+ runs at 133Mhz(2x66)
Both tests were run in the same lightly loaded environment.
Top says that second to the rc5 program was netscape busily
displaying some animated gifs on a web page. The best that
I've ever seen was ~170K from v1 and 256K from v2. Whatever
the load is, this is a real 50% improvement.

The Bovine Custom GNU rc5 client
rc5-56-client: Complete in 6.346 seconds. (157567.21 keys/sec)

rc5v2 client
Benchmarking with 10000000 tests:
Complete in 42.740 seconds. [233973.38 keys/sec]
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