[rc5] 'Pulse' shows 30% CPU usage running rc5v2-OS/2

Tero Kilkanen tkilkane at cc.hut.fi
Mon Jun 30 00:41:54 EDT 1997

On Sun, 29 Jun 1997, Oscar Chang wrote:

> > 	Well, that's nice to know :-) I can't run my all-round system
> > monitor PMPatrol, due to it's CPU monitor hogging all the CPU after
> > rc5-client pausing due to a network error.
>   Get a better cpu monitor. ;)
>   Actually there's something on hobbes called cpumon, it's supposed to be
> able to get the CPU status without using the idle priority.

	Well, that doesn't monitor individual processes, and neither
gathers statistical data on which programs have been most frequently used

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