[rc5] stupid Q about buff-in (?)

Eric D. Rossman rossmaed at craft.camp.clarkson.edu
Sun Jun 29 23:18:58 EDT 1997

E.M. Huisman wrote:
> Hi once again,
> After flush I noticed that the buff-in.rc5 stays at the same filesize.
> Is this normal ?  

I think it is, but I'm no expert.  As far as I can tell, it just updates
the pointer in buff-in.rc5, and the only time that it would change size
would be if you change the buffer size in the config menu.

>         After a fetch, it only gets bigger (ie: 1992 to 6208 bytes > after fetch....)
> My rc5.ini   :
>>> SNIP <<<
> I want to have a buffer upto 50 blocks, so that I can fetch and flush > about once per
> day at the suitable time without runing out of blocks. It will take > > about 36hours to
> complete 50 blocks.
> Improvements ? ( Where can I put my email address ?)

I think that you put your email address in under "id" (the default is

> Erik

Eric :)
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