V1 vs. V2 and source availiabllity (Was: [rc5] Benchmarks (V2))

Michael Graff explorer at flame.org
Mon Jun 30 11:21:32 EDT 1997

Remi Guyomarch <rguyom at mail.dotcom.fr> writes:

> > could you either point me to your source code or a binary? the v1 client i
> > have runs incredable slow on my i486dx33 NetBSD-1.2.1 box.
> Go to http://wwwperso.hol.fr/~guyom001/
> You will find C & ASM sources, and Linux & Win32 binaries.

Using the genx "base" and the optimizations posted here earlier, I have
the v1 client up to a reasonable speed on NetBSD now.  In fact, it
is faster than the Linux client running on NetBSD.

I don't know if I can export the source (I suspect not) but I will mail
the source to anyone within the US or CA borders.

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