[rc5] extrememly bad NetBSD performance with v1 client

Michael Graff explorer at flame.org
Mon Jun 30 11:23:49 EDT 1997

wonko at blackhole.arkham.net (Brian Hechinger ) writes:

> a while ago i complained about my NetBSD box looking like it wasn't getting
> anything done, and someone suggested i run the benchmarks on it to see what 
> it was turning out.  well, boy, it's bad....
> wonko at rtfm.arkham.net> rc5 -m
> rc5-56-client: Performance testing with 1000000 crypts
> rc5-56-client: Complete in 1135.496 seconds. (880.67 keys/sec)
> i'm going to d/l the v2 client to see what i can get out of that thing.

I found some p5's to have simular performance problems...  My P166
gets about 180k/sec, but the three at work get around 40k/sec.

My 486dx2/66 gets 60k/sec...

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