[rc5] v2 win95 questions

Aaron Willis Cannon cannona at poboxes.com
Mon Jun 30 10:37:07 EDT 1997

On Mon, 30 Jun 1997, Jeffrey Thompson wrote:
> Mike McClelland wrote:
> >I'm running version 2 for win95 and have been doing around 20 blocks at a
> >time to reduce connection time(dial-up). I can't tell how far along I am in
> >the set of twenty blocks. The console view no longer says 15 of 20 etc. I'm
> >always hoping it's on the last block and then another one starts.
> >Can the client be configured to initiate my dial-up connection? If so how?
> >I don't want to have the thing finish at 9 AM and sit there doing nothing
> >until I get home at 6 PM. Right now I estimate the time till completion and
> >try to work out the right number of blocks to get and then try to work this
> >into my schedule so I can start another set without much idle time. Very
> >inconvenient.
> >Are there more command line switches than those listed in the FAQ for
> >version 2? Any suggestions would be
> > much appreciated.
> I believe that you can manage the buffer separately from the thread that is
> crunching the keys.  Just before you leave in the morning, open a second window
> and run "rc5v2 -flush" and "rc5v2 -fetch" to flush out the completed blocks and
> fetch new ones.  You shouldn't have to wait until the entire set of blocks is
> completed to do this.
> Jeff Thompson
> beff at mhv.net

I would like to reask a question in this post because no one has as of yet
answered it.  Is there a way to tell windows95 to dial automaticly and
then hang up when it's done?

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