[rc5] extrememly bad NetBSD performance with v1 client

Michael Graff explorer at flame.org
Mon Jun 30 15:00:22 EDT 1997

wonko at blackhole.arkham.net (Brian Hechinger ) writes:

> hmm, that's interesting.  i wonder what could cause this? is there a
> difference between the operating systems you are using? (different OS,
> different version of the same OS, etc...)

Perhaps.  All the machines (other than one) runs some flavor of

--------------- --------------- --------------- ----------------
lenin		P166		1.2E		33k
viola		P166		1.1		33k
rover		P166		1.2D		33k
kechara		P100		1.2E		105k
amberdrake	P166		1.2G		160k
zhaneel		486dx2/66	1.2E		60k
gesten		21066/166	1.2C		70k

Strangely enough, after a reboot of lenin, it gets 180k/sec or so.
This is more in line with what I'd expect.

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