[rc5] v2 clients

Colin L. Hildinger colin at ionet.net
Mon Jun 30 15:17:34 EDT 1997

On Mon, 30 Jun 97 02:19:52 -0500, Oscar Chang wrote:

>On Sun, 29 Jun 97 11:52:33 -0400, Milton Forte II wrote:
>>I didn't mean to imply that the size of the buff-in changed.  But the size of
>>the buff-out file grows as blocks are completed, so you can compare the size
>>of buff-out to buff-in to see how far along you are.
>  There will be a new function in build 1 of the clients that will report
>how many blocks are in each buffer, so that should help some. :)
>>I have notice this when using -flush.  If there is an error, it says try
>>later.  But it doesn't say how many blocks were sent.  Flushing again until
>>all blocks have been sent.  Only on the last flush do you get  a count of the
>>blocks sent...but it's only a count for this flush. The buff-out file is
>>erased.  Did all blocks get to the server???
>  Yes they are, just not reported. Sorry. :)

Oscar, since you're checking to see if the net connection is up for the
DOD stuff, couldn't you automatically have it do a -flush and -fetch
when it finishes a block AND the net connection is up?  I know that
this would be a kludge w/ the current client, but at least it would
work.  It also wouldn't be a problem for DOD users.  Of course, I'm
looking forward to a multithreaded GUI version, too.  ;-) 

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