[rc5] PPro speed increase?

Benedikt Eric Heinen beh at icemark.ch
Mon Jun 30 23:10:29 EDT 1997

Hi there,

  a while ago, I remember having read, the V2 clients should yield about
20% more keys/sec than the V1.

  With the V1 linux-elf clients on my PPro150 I managed to get ~245.000
keys/sec, and now I tried the V2 linux-elf-PPro clients - and those yield
1.290.000 keys/sec (i.e. a 426% increase).

  Now - is that increase correct, or is rc5v2 "goofing up"?

  Please respond to this, as I won't spread the v2 client to the other
PPros around until I get some confirmation of this speedup...



          Hiroshima '45           Chernobyl '86           Windows '95

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